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    1. Hey there,
      I was trying to email you back and it bounced! You might need to change your email in your account settings here if you want it to send it elsewhere. Can you email me with your other email address os I can try to remember to send you the event link where you might get it.

  1. I haven’t received a conformation email yet (I’ve checked my junk mail as well). Has the link been sent yet?

  2. I sent out the Zoom link this morning. HOpefully everyone got it! If you got an email with the link – you are in! I think I got everyone.
    Unfortunately, they don’t allow recordings of their trips, so I’m sorry to anyone who couldn’t make it today.

  3. Is it 2-3 eastern time or pacific ? I am on now and i cant seem to see a link is why im wondering, so either im not in the right spot or at the wrong time lol